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Sakura | © camknows via Flickr

Cherry Blossom Season

Cherry blossom (sakura) is one of the most iconic images of Japan. FInd out how and when to see sakura, as well as some of the best spots around Japan.

Christmas lights in Kokura | © isado via Flickr

Christmas in Japan

Although only 1% of the Japanese population are Christian, Christmas is recognised throughout Japan. In this article, we'll look at how Christmas is celebrated in Japan and what to expect if you are spending December in...

Carp Flags on Childrens' Day | © chaojikazu via Flickr

Golden Week – A Brief Guide

Golden Week is one of the biggest holiday periods in Japan. We'll look at what is celebrated and how to get the most out of visiting Japan during Golden Week.

Japanese Guide Book Review

Japanese Guide Book Review

A good guide book can make your trip; we review country guides, city guides and specialist guides to Japan to help you find the perfect one for you.


10 Must Try Japanese Foods

Japanese culture values food greatly, and it's almost impossible to have a bad meal in Japan. We've picked some of our favourite Japanese foods that you should definitely try while in Japan.

Japanese Passion Fruit Kit Kat

Japanese KitKats

The Japanese have a much wider range of KitKat flavours than you might be used to. While many of the flavours sound appealing, there are several distinctly Japanese flavours which might be harder to stomach.

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