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Tokyo – The Basics

As the biggest metropolitan area in the world, a quick guide to Tokyo is an almost impossible task - central Tokyo alone is made up of 23 special wards. This guide aims to introduce the city and cover some of...

New Year In Japan

New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in the Japanese calendar and a great opportunity to experience unique Japanese customs first hand.

Hyperdia – Planning Your Japan Rail Pass Itinerary

The Hyperdia online train timetable is very useful for those travellers wanting to plan their itinerary around Japan. Here we guide you through how to tweak the search criteria to ensure your search results...


Sushi Selection | © Japan Trip

Sushi – A Brief Guide

Sushi is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Japanese food. We tell you about the different types of sushi, and how to order and eat it to get the most enjoyment.

10 Must Try Japanese Foods

Japanese culture values food greatly, and it's almost impossible to have a bad meal in Japan. We've picked some of our favourite Japanese foods that you should definitely try while in Japan.


Nagasaki – A Brief Guide

Nagasaki is famous for being the target of the second atomic bombing, but also has a rich history as one of the few ports to allow western trade with Japan.

Sapporo – A Brief Guide

Sapporo is the main city in Hokkaido and is known for its lively nightlife and vibrant festivals. Sapporo has some of the best cuisine outside of Tokyo, and the best skiing and winter sports in Japan.

Beach in Okinawa| © Ricardo Manguel via Flickr

Okinawa Prefecture – An Overview

This string of tropical islands off Japan's southern tip are home to some of the best beaches and dive spots in the whole country. There's also unspoilt rainforests, welcoming locals, unique culture and great food.

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