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Kit Kat Chocolatory | © Nestlé via Flickr

Kit Kat Chocolatory Store Opens In Tokyo

Find unique Japanese Kit Kat flavours and super limited edition bars in the world’s first Kit Kat Chocolatory shop, just opened in Tokyo.

If like us you’ve spent hours checking out crazy Japanese Kit Kat flavours, then you need to add a trip to the food court in the basement of Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo to your itinerary.

The Kit Kat Chocolatory opened on January 17th, selling the usual Japanese flavours (such as Matcha and fruit varieties) as well as 3 limited edition bars which are only available from the Chocolatory. Kit Kat has teamed up with legendary patissier Yasumasa Takagai to create the new varieties, with plans in place to update the bars to reflect the changing seasons. The Kit Kats in the Chocolatory are aimed at adults, so might not be as sweet as you might expect from Western Kit Kats.

Currently there’s a special Sakura Green Tea flavour and special chilli (which features a spicy chilli cream between the wafers) but the one to watch out for is Sublime Bitter. It’s a super special edition, with only 300 bars being made by hand each day from high quality couverture chocolate. If you want one of these bars, get there early – they are selling out within 40 minutes.

Have you been to the Chocolatory? Did you manage to get hold of a Sublime Bitter bar?

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